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Aluminum baluster railings

You will love the durability and attractive price of aluminum baluster railings, which are both aesthetically pleasing and safe. Aluminum is a high-quality material that has more than proven its worth. It is lightweight, resistant and does not rust. It is a durable and inexpensive product, not to mention requiring no maintenance.

Carla handrail

  • This handrail is the smallest of the four models. It is small, square and modern.

Contempra handrail

  • This model is round and has a more classic look. It is smooth and rounded.

Moderna handrail

  • The name says it all! We are talking about a rectangular, modern, urban-inspired handrail.

Regency handrail

  • * This model is shaped like a pentagon, with five sides, more of a country look.
  • All elements of the aluminum baluster railings are identical, apart from your handrail choice. Both sides of the railing sections are identical.
  • Aluminum baluster railings are products manufactured by Clôtures et Rampes in standard sections of 45 5/8, 59 1/8, 72 5/8 and 84 inches. You can also request special custom orders.
  • The balusters of each section are riveted together using a special device. For the finishing touch, we apply rivet caps to enhance the product’s appearance.


Railings with balusters perfectly match the 6 mm tempered glass railing with aluminum structure as it is composed for the most part of the same components: handrail, post and hardware. It is therefore quite common to mix these two products in the same fencing.

As a general rule, Clôtures et Rampes DB keeps an adequate inventory of baluster railings. If for some reason the product is not available, the manufacturing time is quite fast. In just a few days, a week at most, you will receive your order.

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