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Cedar fences

Cedar fences are ideal if you want to allow your cedar hedges to spread out, while delineating the perimeter of your property. Over time, the hedge foliage will completely conceal the fence. Your discreet botanical fence backed with wire mesh will prevent domestic or wild animals in the neighbourhood from venturing onto your land.

  • Cedar fencing is an unobtrusive and economical product, ideally installed near shrubs to increase the strength of the fence.
  • Cedar fencing mesh is identical to chain link fence mesh. It is available in 2 inches and 1 ½ inches.
  • End and corner fence posts are 2 3/8 inches cast concrete, while intermediate posts are T-bars inserted into the ground.
  • A steel wire at the top and bottom of the fence solidify the product’s structure. These vinyl-coated steel wires connect the posts to each other.


Installing a cedar fence along a cedar hedge can be a great idea if your shrubs are undersized and sparse. You’ll prevent undesirable neighbourhood pets and local wildlife from passing onto your land. And, if you have pets, they will be kept on your property.

You are required by law to surround your pool with this type of wire mesh fencing. The only requirement is to have thick, mature cedar hedges at least 4 feet high. Clôtures et Rampes DB suggests, however, that you check with your municipality to see what regulations are applicable.


  • Swimming pool
  • Private property
  • Deck
  • Etc.