Clôtures et Rampes DB in Granby, Sherbrooke, Saint-Hyacinthe and Sainte-Julie

Chain link fences

Commonly referred to as a “frost fence” or “school fence,” chain link fences are an economical and long-lasting choice. The price-quality ratio of our fences is unbeatable. Whether for a residential, commercial or industrial project, chain link fencing is safe, resistant, robust and requires no maintenance. Chain link fences are designed to last.

Chain link fences

Chain link fences with privacy slats

  • Chain link fences are an economical and sturdy alternative. Their cost-benefit ratio is unbeatable.
  • The fence mesh is made of galvanized steel covered with coloured vinyl: white, brown, black, taupe or green.
  • The two sides of the fence are not identical. As the fence is attached to one side of the line of posts, one surface of the facade is more aesthetically pleasing than the other.
  • To reinforce our installation, Clôtures et Rampes DB uses 2 3/8-inch posts along the entire perimeter of the fence.
  • We use Diamond Lock II privacy slats. This slat model offers the most privacy in the fencing market.
  • The privacy slats are made of tubular polyethylene with reinforced walls. They are rigid and durable.
  • They are sold in bags of 80 slats. One bag of slats covers 10 linear feet of chain link fencing.
  • These slats provide 95% privacy.


Chain link fencing requires no maintenance and provides strength and durability. If you want not much maintenance and a small price, this is definitely the best option in the fencing market. Whether fencing your pool, private property, garden or vacant lot, frost fencing is a wise and inexpensive choice.

If you’re looking to keep your privacy fencing costs down, you can install the privacy slats yourself. It is quite easy and takes no time at all. Simply insert one slat at a time into the top of the mesh, slide it down and secure the cap over the top of two slats.


  • Swimming pool
  • Private property
  • Garden
  • Vacant lot
  • Etc.