Clôtures et Rampes DB in Granby, Sherbrooke, Saint-Hyacinthe and Sainte-Julie

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Since 1989, Clôtures et Rampes DB has been a family business that specializes in the manufacture, distribution, sale and installation of fences and railings. The company has earned a solid reputation in the fence and railing industry for its high-quality products, its know-how and its desire to excel.

Frost fences, railings and more:
Why choose us?

Clôtures et Rampes DB is always on the lookout for new trends and innovative technologies in the field. We manufacture most of the products we offer and are proud to provide a wide range of high-quality, avant-garde home-made products at competitive prices. So, we can easily reconcile your tastes to your budget.

With our large inventory, we can respond quickly to everyone’s requests and needs. With our two branches, Granby and Sherbrooke, and our service point in Sainte-Julie, we cover a vast territory in Estrie and Montérégie.

Our values are important factors as they guide our actions and daily decision-making.


To offer a wide choice of quality fences and railings at the best prices and a competent, efficient consulting service for all types of projects, whether residential, commercial or industrial.


To become the provincial benchmark in the fence and railing industry through our high-quality products, expertise and personalized efficient service.

Our core corporate values:

– we’re a phone call away

Fast competent service is our trademark. The remarkable accessibility of our staff and customer service is integral to the company’s success.

We are open to all types of projects and adapt our services to our customers’ needs.

– building lasting relationships

Because of the affable personal contacts we promote, we can act as partners in our clients’ projects. We work with them, for them. We are straightforward, professional and responsive.

Trust and confidence allow every customer, employee, and business partner to cultivate strong lasting relationships.

– people who care and are careful

From start to finish, we build on the strengths of each team member and work together closely to optimize everyone’s performance to produce fast, efficient work.

We use the experience and knowledge of our employees to adopt the best practices of the fencing and railing industry. Teamwork is the foundation of our company’s success.

– the drive to do better

Year after year, the company engages in a process of continuous improvement of our products, services and work methods.

We excel in developing high-quality, long-lasting and maintenance-free products that exceed industry standards.

– at the heart of everything we do

Safety is our main concern. Whether it’s for our employees or our customers, it’s our #1 priority. It directs everything we do.

By enclosing, defining and preventing access, our fences and railings make it possible to secure vulnerable perimeters for everyone, at all times.