Clôtures et Rampes DB in Granby, Sherbrooke, Saint-Hyacinthe and Sainte-Julie

Custom projects

If you’d like to add a decorative touch or utilitarian feature, explore our complementary products. They are excellent options for your landscaping projects. Take a look at Clôtures et Rampes DB’s made-to-measure projects to stamp your home and property with your personal taste.

Wall-mounted handrail

when using external stairs, a wall-mounted handrail provides support and is often required to insure your property.

Handrails on posts

If you want a more minimalistic look to your baluster railing, the post handrail is a great option, as it serves as support while being simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Clothesline posts

Installed four feet deep in the ground with concrete, the clothesline post can support multiple clotheslines. It includes a 3 ½ inch post, end cap, clamp and hook.

Gingerbread roof trim

Made of aluminum, gingerbread adds a distinguished and artistic look to your roof, while giving your residence a unique character.


Whether you want to add a beautiful touch to your home or secure a vulnerable boundary, aluminum Juliette railings are decorative and safe.

Ornamental pet fencing

Similar to the aluminum ornamental fence, vertical balusters are added to the bottom of each fence section to prevent your dog from sneaking out and leaving your property.

Slats for chain link fences

Vertical polyethylene slats are a possible addition to chain mesh fences. We offer are the most private slats on the market. They can also be used as a protective screen because to their weather resistance.

Tennis courts

Chain link fencing is the perfect product to demarcate your tennis court. This type of fence also helps keep the court clean and in good condition.

Entrance gate

Whether it’s a matter of aesthetics or privacy, an entrance gate is a great way to secure and personalize access to your residence.