Clôtures et Rampes DB in Granby, Sherbrooke, Saint-Hyacinthe and Sainte-Julie

Ornamental aluminum railings

Chic and sturdy, ornamental aluminum railings delight with their durability and elegant appearance. We obtain the colours for our railings through a process of treating baked powder paint. These colours remain unchanged, even after long exposure to the sun. Each guardrail is custom designed for you. The dimensions of each aluminum guardrail are unique.

Bromont ornamental aluminum railings

  • Bromont ornamental railings bring a colonial look while updating your deck or balcony. A spiral cap tops every other baluster. These caps lend a traditional look, while the square handrail sitting on the section modernizes the product.

Granby ornamental aluminum railings

  • Granby ornamental railings are the most basic and classic model. Each section comprises three horizontal crosspieces that are traversed by vertical balusters forming squares in the upper part of the railing.

Hatley ornamental aluminum railings

  • Hatley ornamental railings give a sleek, modern look to your deck or balcony. The Hatley model is similar to the Granby, except that the upper portion of the fence sections are rectangular instead of square.

Super-Hatley ornamental aluminum railings

  • We haven’t created the datasheet for this product yet, but it’s similar to the Hatley model. The difference between the two is the appearance of the top section of the panels: they are elongated rectangles.
  • All the railing bars are inserted into three horizontal crosspieces forming the structure that the panel is welded to.
  • Aluminum ornamental railings are custom-made specifically for each project by Clôtures et Rampes DB. So, it is necessary to factor in time to complete all parts of the process: assembly, welding and painting.
  • They are made entirely of aluminum. They are resistant, they do not rust, and they do not require any maintenance. Both sides of the railing sections are identical.
  • We obtain the colours for our railings through a process of treating baked powder paint. The Bromont, Granby, Hatley and Magog ornamental fences are available in three colours: matte black, veined silver and copper. You can also request a special order with the colour of your choice.
  • Available for four of our five  ornamental aluminum fence models.


All our ornamental aluminum railings fit perfectly with the ornamental fence designs of the same name. So, you will have almost identical products to enclose your property and secure the perimeter of your balcony or patio.

When ordering ornamental aluminum railings, expect a significant waiting period for the product to be manufactured. We advise all our customers to order a good time in advance, because these are custom-made products.

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