Clôtures et Rampes DB in Granby, Sherbrooke, Saint-Hyacinthe and Sainte-Julie

Ornamental aluminum fences

Made entirely of premium aluminum, ornamental fences are durable, don’t rust and require no maintenance. With their elegant and refined look, they adequately define your property or secure hazardous areas such as the pool.

Bromont ornamental aluminum fences

  • Bromont ornamental fencing imparts a colonial look while modernizing your yard.
  • It is also known as Model 5906.
  • A spiral cap tops every other baluster. These caps lend a traditional appearance, while the square handrail on top of the section brings the product up to date.

Granby ornamental aluminum fences

  • Granby ornamental fencing is a mix of contemporary and modern styles.
  • It is also known as Model 5901.
  • Each section comprises three horizontal crosspieces that are traversed by vertical balusters forming squares in the upper part of the fence.

Hatley Ornamental aluminum fences

  • Hatley ornamental fencing adds a sleek, modern look to your home.
  • It is also known as Model 5908.
  • The Hatley model is similar to the Granby model, except that the upper portion of the fence sections are rectangular instead of square.

Magog ornamental aluminium fences

  • Magog ornamental fencing is the most ornate and classic model of ornamental fences.
  • It is also known as Model 5806.
  • Spiral caps finish each of the balusters of the section above the double horizontal crosspieces of the fence panel.

Common features

  • Aluminum ornamental fences are manufactured from scratch by Clôtures et Rampes DB. Because we actually fabricate all the elements, these fences are always in inventory.
  • They are made entirely of aluminum. They are resistant, do not rust and do not require any maintenance. Both sides of the fence have the same appearance.
  • The Bromont, Granby, Hatley and Magog ornamental fences are available in three colours: matte black, veined silver and copper. These baked powder paint finishes do not change colour because of time or the sun.


To enclose your pool area. It is possible to mix and match these products. Whether for privacy in a specific spot or to minimize your final cost, you can use several products in the same fence. This is standard practice. Feel free to request an estimate using a combination of products.

Gate accessories


  • Swimming pool
  • Private property
  • Deck
  • Balcony
  • Etc.