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Privacy panel fences

Privacy panel fences allow you to maintain total seclusion. These sturdy partitions will hide you from prying eyes. The steel planks overlap for a tight fit, while the composite panels adhere to each other, creating an efficient windshield.

3000 Series panel fences

  • The 3000 Series fence is a full privacy panel. It provides 100% privacy with no spaces to glimpse what’s on the other side.

4000 Series panel fences

  • The 4000 Series fence is a partial privacy screen adorned with a decorative trellis of two rows of 12-inch squares.

4500 Series panel fences

  • 4500 Series fencing includes a privacy panel embellished with a decorative trellis of two rows of squares perched on balusters topped with pointed spiral caps. The caps extend above the upper handrail.

Common features

  • Steel and composite panel fences are manufactured specifically for each project by Oasis. As these are custom designed products, you must plan on a significant amount of time for ordering, manufacturing and delivering the material.
  • The steel panel fencing planks can only be installed vertically; composite planks can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Both sides of the fence look the same.
  • With its wide range of colours, a privacy panel fence can be easily combined with other types of fencing and railings.


The all-steel panel fence: There is no spacing between the panels in this fencing–they fit into each other forming a zigzag arrangement. This allows them to serve as a sound barrier. Many people use a steel panel fence to mute the sound of a heat pump. As a bonus, when there is a large gust of wind, these accordioned panels instantly deflect the wind in various directions. The arrangement of the panels prevents the wind from impacting the 100% privacy fence structure. Although the fence is opaque, it is robust and resistant.

Hybrid panel fence with composite: By combining the strength of metal and the warmth of composite, we obtain a durable, maintenance-free product that harmonizes perfectly with the more contemporary looks of new residential neighborhoods, such as farmhouse-styles house models.


  • Swimming pool
  • Private property
  • Deck
  • Balcony
  • Etc.