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Tempered glass railings

Tempered glass railings add a sophisticated, modern and refined flair to your property. They blend into the surroundings so you can fully appreciate the scenery. Our tempered glass fences lend themselves to all design styles. The quality of the tempered glass provides rugged reliability.

6 mm tempered glass railings

  • The railing is formed of 6 mm tempered glass panels with aluminum framing and posts.
  • This product is similar to the aluminum baluster railings. Classic balusters are replaced by 6 mm tempered glass panels.
  • This product marries the reliability of aluminum and the sleekness of glass to create a single product that imparts a modern urban appearance at an attractive price.
  • The gate is similar to the railing sections, formed of a glass panel inserted between two 2-inch x 2-inch posts.

12 mm tempered glass railings

  • The railing is formed of 12 mm tempered glass panels slotted into adjustable supports known as spigots.
  • This product has no visible framework, so you will have an amazing view of the surrounding landscape.
  • It does not obstruct your view and blends naturally into the surroundings, while securing vulnerable areas.
  • The gate has two adjustable hinges the same colour as the spigots that close automatically.

Common features

  • These tempered glass railings are exclusive to Clôtures et Rampes DB. We have designed our products specifically for our customers and distributors.
  • Tempered glass is a resilient and tough material. It is difficult to break a glass panel. If a section is broken, the glass will shatter into a thousand pieces bound together with a film of a shatter-proof material.
  • Tempered glass readily harmonizes with other types of fencing, railings or privacy walls. This is a truly versatile product.
  • The toughness of tempered glass guarantees a superior product. The two types of glass railings are identical on both sides.


In Quebec, you must have a guardrail if your deck is more than 2 feet from the ground, so the 6 mm and 12mm tempered glass railings are wonderful options. Not only do you keep an open, airy feel with no visible railings on your deck or patio, but you also comply with building codes. These panels prevent accidents while adding a luxurious look to your outdoor space.

Tempered glass railings are also a great alternative if you need to secure access to your semi-inground or above-ground pool. They preserve a minimalist look, while maintaining the safety aspect of a guardrail that complies with Quebec pool railing regulations. In addition, maintaining glass railings for swimming pools is relatively simple: there is almost nothing to do. Simply wipe them down with a cloth soaked in a mixture of water, soap and vinegar, and you’re done.

6mm glass gate accessories


  • Balcony
  • Stairway
  • Deck
  • Patio
  • Gallery