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Tempered glass fences

Tempered glass fences add a sophisticated, modern and refined look to your property. They blend into the surroundings so you can fully appreciate your scenery. Our tempered glass fences lend themselves to all design styles. The quality of the tempered glass provides rugged reliability.

6 mm tempered glass fences

  • The fence is formed of 6 mm tempered glass panels with aluminum structure and posts.
  • This product combines the reliability of aluminum and the sleekness of glass into a single product for a modern urban look.
  • It’s safe, but strong and attractive.
  • The gate is similar to the fence sections, formed of a glass panel inserted between two 2’’ x 2’’ posts.

12 mm tempered glass fences

  • This fence is formed of 12 mm tempered glass panels supported by adjustable supports commonly known as spigots.
  • This product has no visible framework, so you will have an amazing view of the surrounding landscape.
  • It does not obstruct your view and blends naturally into the surroundings, while securing vulnerable areas.
  • The gate includes two adjustable self-closing hinges.


Since 2010, homeowners in Quebec must install a protective fence around their swimming pools. By installing a tempered glass fence, you secure the pool without hindering your view of the landscape. These products are unobtrusive, safe and comply with all codes and regulations!

Maintaining glass fencing is also relatively simple; it’s almost zero. Simply wipe the surface with the traditional water-soap-vinegar formula, or a window cleaner, and you’re done. Using a window squeegee instead of a cloth or sponge will make it even easier.

Gate accessories


  • Swimming pool
  • Private property
  • Deck
  • Balcony
  • Etc.